EnderBot - Roadmap 2023

This is the roadmap for EnderBot Version 5, it should give you an idea of where the bot going in the future.
This new version is a complete overhaul of the bot, many things already changed and many more things will be added.

September 2023

Economic reset

As announced, EnderBot will undergo a near-complete economic reset!
After a year of downtime and inactivty, the economy no longer means anything and should be reset to truly start again.

This reset will happen near the end of September, exact details will be announced on the day of the reset. If you wish to try EnderBot again, there will be no better time!

Balancing, crafting, jobs, levels...

Balancing has always been the most difficult thing in this bot, ever.
During Version 4, a job system has been introduced, I still believe that having the ability to specialize between miner, lumberjack, fisherman, toolsmith, alchemist and many more jobs is a very nice idea that allows more complex gameplay and create an interesting economy. But if not carefully balanced, it can quickly become completely meaningless, like it happened in V4.

As such, everything is going to be reworked, once again, to create a more balanced and interesting experience.

  • The level formula is going to change completely.
  • Crafting costs for tools and weapons is also going to completely change.
  • Resources collected from all jobs will be required to craft tools and weapons.
  • A lot more levels of tools.
  • Mana rewards will be revised.
  • More forge levels to allow toolsmiths to gain more XP and avoid needing to craft stupid amounts of items to gain levels for example.

October & November 2023

Island and factory

The factory system will be back, it will be available in the mid-game, so most players will only be able to access it after a few months of gameplay like in the previous versions, it will be very similar to the old system but with some tweaks.

PVP system

More importantly, the warmap system will be also be back a few months after the reset, it will be a bit different from the previous version, but the core idea will be the same: fighting to capture cities on a global map.

I won't give too much details about the modifications for now but there will be a web interface to visualize the map!

December 2023

Star system

The star system is going to change a little bit. Right now only MyAnimeList ratings are used to assign star to cards but it will change to take into account the claim/summon rate and a wishlist system.

Class & cards

The cards you collected will finally find a use, you will be able to choose a few of your cards and assign them "classes" to grant you various permanent boosts. You will be able to level up your cards by sacrificing other cards. More on this new system later!

Thank you for your continued support over the years :) -- EnderSpirit